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JL Quinn Photography

About This Project

Hello, my name is Jen Quinn, welcome to JL Quinn Photography! Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for photography.  I wish I could say I’ve been holding a camera in my hands since that day, but the truth is life happened, and I found myself saying “one day”…..


That one day finally happened in November of 2014 when my daughter was born.  As soon as we arrived home from the hospital, I dusted off the beautiful DSLR camera stored away in a closet, and I quickly became obsessed with documenting her every detail and every move;  I didn’t want to miss a single thing.  It was then I decided I needed to take this passion further.  Since then I have poured hours and hours into this craft, while learning from some of the best photographers in the industry.


It’s true when they say life goes by so fast, but even faster when you become a parent. Yes, the days sometimes feel long, but the months and years fly by; I love being able to capture those fleeting moments.  I cherish all the images of my daughter because the changes have happened so incredibly fast – it’s almost hard to remember just how teeny tiny she was.  Photographs are all we have to help bring us back to those special times.


I LOVE being behind the camera and capturing authentic, beautiful moments for my clients.